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View Diary: Anonymous Hacks FBI/Scotland Yard Conference Call, Posts It on Youtube (12 comments)

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  •  This is one of those cases, I think... (1+ / 0-)
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    ...where the hackers did their target a favor by exposing a hole in their security.  Anonymous can be annoying, but there are a lot more nastier folks out there that could be listening in on FBI calls.  Nastier folks that probably wouldn't have tipped their hand.

    •  yes, true. (1+ / 0-)

      The "benefit" of Anon hacking a relatively harmless conf call such as one dealing with themselves, is that it exposes INFOSEC holes that could have been exploited by serious adversaries and have potentially lethal consequences.

      But the reason I don't approve of Anon doing these types of hacks is, we are trying to get LE and .gov generally, to step up their prosecutions of corporate criminals, who are also potential Anon targets.  

      But then what happens is:

      Anon declares TBTF Bank to be a target, and hacks them.  The information disclosed via the hack becomes part of the pool of information that the public have about TBTF Bank and its misdeeds.

      LE investigates Anon's hack of TBTF Bank, which is a legit investigation, after all TBTF was at that point the victim of a criminal act.

      Then Anon hacks LE.  So now LE is in the same boat as TBTF Bank, as a fellow victim.  This can't help but create sympathy between LE and TBTF Bank.

      Then we come along and say "Dear DOJ, please prosecute TBTF Bank for blah-blah."  And we hold protests and sit-ins and so on toward that end.  

      But it's too late, the DOJ's cultural attitude has shifted to view Anon as an attacker of themselves as well as an attacker of TBTF Bank, so the cultural sympathies are with TBTF Bank rather than with Anon.  

      On the other hand if Anon had only hacked TBTF Bank and hadn't hacked LE, the fact that TBTF Bank was a "victim" would hardly be as significant in LE's internal culture as far as deciding whether to subsequently prosecute TBTF Bank.  

      See?  Hacking LE is highly counterproductive, and hacking the military is as well for similar reasons.

      And OTOH, we really have to do something about tightening up INFOSEC.  Passwords and email accounts and automated conf calls and all the rest of it: there are huge vulnerabilities here that need to be dealt with in no uncertain terms and fixed, before someone truly dangerous does the kind of damage that kills a large number of people.

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