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View Diary: Lazy media reports Komen Foundation decision as 'reversal.' It isn't. (180 comments)

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    Thankfully this thing has blown up in Komen's face. They've been exposed as a "bad" charity. A woman in my running group told our group that Komen was a charity with high overhead and so she told us she wouldn't support them. Now, this news exposes them as not just a wasteful charity, but a highly politically biased org.

    There are a few other good breast cancer charities. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation rates an A+ by There are others that don't market as well as Komen, nor organize fundraising events as well as Komen. Komen rakes in tens upon tens of millions whereas others have fewer than $5M.

    Let's start sending our money elsewhere.

    Its Brinker's right to discriminate with her foundation. Now that we know this let's help fight breast cancer by sending our money to more efficient, morally clean foundations that will fight the disease better.

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