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View Diary: In Komen Foundation debacle, conservatives see themselves as victims (117 comments)

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  •  "Indeed, we also see here another tactic used (0+ / 0-)

    by the powerful to privilege their opinions. Its fully their right to criticize me, but when I stand firm in response, its because I’m closed minded. That exchange shows nothing like that. It just shows that I found them unpersuasive. As they did me. Only they characterize this dynamic as one side (the other side) being closed minded. In the end, that means they are just taking issue with the fact that I disagree with them, and isn’t that actually what’s closed minded? They don’t see the disconnect there because their opinions carry social power and they feel entitled to wield that power. Just disagreeing morphs in their perspective to an offensive act. They scream “hypocrite!” and play the victim of oppression. From their perspective, to be disagreed with does feel like oppression. That’s how privilege works. People feel entitled to get their way. If you don’t fall silent, then you are the one who is oppressing them."

     Brian aka Red3Blog on Tumblr

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