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View Diary: Must the Rich be Lured into Investing? Who are the Real "Job Creators?" (9 comments)

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  •  And Who Da 'job creator' (0+ / 0-)

    {just a couple of very recent examples}

    The 'O' apparently:

    Google Plus chat with Obama has big impact on Texas family

    Jennifer Wedel's life has turned upside down since Monday.

    That's when she chatted online with President Barack Obama about a controversial program to hire highly skilled foreign workers — and the president ended up asking for her husband's résumé.

    Since then, she said, her phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from news media, recruiters, the Texas Workforce Commission and various companies about possible job opportunities for her husband, Darin.

    Now, three years after he lost his job as a semiconductor engineer at Texas Instruments, she's hopeful that he will find a new one soon.

    "We've been praying for this to happen for three years," said Wedel, 29. "Did we think the president would have to get involved? No. As for why he chose this way, maybe God will enlighten me on that in the future. But I'm very optimistic."  read more>>>

    As the street, not an investment for growth game under the new capitalism, nor the teabag 'job creators' have yet to create, a decade counting and that part of economic, 'jobs', growth started as soon as they got them tax cuts. While if asked, and rarely done so, they use a rule changing meme of 'not sure what washington will do' while owning that damn town or the politics in, certainly the politicians!

    DC Event a Model for Programs across the Country
    WASHINGTON – February 2, 2012 - With the success of its recent “Hiring Fair” in Washington, which resulted in more than 500 tentative job offers for Veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs is looking at ways to expand VA’s traditional hire-a-vet program with major Veteran-focused career fairs throughout the country.

    “America needs to put the skills, dedication and resourcefulness of our Veterans into the workforce to help rebuild an economy that lasts,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “America’s Veterans need to know that, across the federal, private and non-profit sectors, hiring managers are ready to put them to work.”

    Over 4,100 Veterans attended the 13-hour career fair Jan. 19 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.  To date, more than 500 Veterans received tentative job offers and other job offers may follow.  About 2,600 Veterans participated in interviews with public and private employers.

    Participating federal agencies included the departments of Homeland Security, Defense, Interior, Agriculture, Labor, and EPA.  They were joined by over 20 private-sector partners, such as Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, Citigroup, Safeway, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, Philadelphia Police Department, Johns Hopkins Hospital, and JPMorgan, among others.

    About 700 Veterans created online accounts for VA benefits or received information about VA’s extensive array of programs for Veterans.  Thirty homeless Veterans were referred to care.  read more>>>

    Now there have been Veterans job fairs, put on by a Veterans group started a few years back. They only hit a few major cities in the country, only a couple, and months apart. They've had a couple near here at Charlotte motor speedway over the pass couple of years. These are very small as to businesses looking to maybe hire, they have as many schools giving out information as they do employers, and those total only count some ten to fifteen tables if that. Rightfully so they are geared more towards today's returning vets then us older vets. But the programs this Administration, the Va Administration and especially the 1st and 2nd ladies have implemented with the private and public sectors has led to this:

    Post-9/11 veterans unemployment drops in Jan.

    3 February 2012 - Amid a host of new and planned programs to help veterans find jobs, the government reported Friday that the unemployment rate for Iraq- and Afghanistan-era veterans fell significantly in January to 9.1 percent.

    That jobless rate for veterans who separated from active duty since the 2001 terrorist attacks is down from 13.3 percent in December and from 15.2 percent a year ago. read more

    "Supply Side' economics, i.e. new capitalism, has worked just as detractors said it would as it was first talked about then implemented, one being a scourge of most of the dems, Ralph Nader, and many others, who should have been listened to then. It collapsed as soon as it was followed by wall street and the new robber  barons, remember the reagan huge recession, I certainly do, construction almost totally collapsed around the country and with it a dramatic change in the business models, do more with fewer actual working trades people and stagnate wages and benefits while also changing from a professional to just skilled labor to maintain the need for lower wages while real estate and construction costs rose rapidly thus profits at the top and for investors.

    A couple of the main reasons that collapse was stopped and the con of 'trickle down' was brought back to life were the ever changing easier credit scheme's for the masses especially, and the newer investment scheme's on the once wall street which became the standard for watching the economy but not for growth in but growth in money changing, a giant roulette wheel with the wealthy getting wealthier and yet not using their own capital but the capital of the smaller investors who were flocking into the market either within some of the investment scheme's or as individuals, and with the emergence of this technology not for economic investment of growth but things like day trading for their own bottom lines.

    By the way, the collapse started a couple of years prior to the mortgage fiasco, I was watching it happen on the new and rehab construction side, commercial,industrial and residential. The bush tax cuts started that collapse, they didn't bring better investments, the masses small cuts were gone out their exhaust pipes even before the bill was signed as gas prices started rising rapidly thus so did food and other needs. The top just started playing the invest game with more and not for economic growth but their own.

    People bought into and still do because with the credit scheme's they actually thought they were getting trickle down or that it was right around the corner, the herders leading the sheep to slaughter!!

    CCR:"If you're a torturer, be careful in your travel plans. It's a slow process for accountability, but we keep going."

    by jimstaro on Sat Feb 04, 2012 at 05:14:34 AM PST

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