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  •  Uh huh.. (0+ / 0-)

    Attacking the poster?  I responded in kind.  

    “And as for the (very much too common) practice of many, who write, as if they thought railing at a man’s person, or wrangling about his words, necessary to the confutation of his opinions; besides that I think, such as quarrelsome and injurious way of writing, does very little misbecome both a philosopher and a Christian, methinks it is as unwise, as it is provoking. For if I civilly endeavor to reason a man out of his opinions, I make myself but one work to do, namely, to convince his understanding; but, if in a bitter or exasperating way I oppose his errors, I increase the difficulties I would surmount, and have as well his affections against me as his judgment: and it is very uneasy to make a proselyte of him, that is not only a dissenter from us, but an enemy to us. (Boyle, 1657)”

    You need to reread this.

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