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    First - I should have defined "passive" candidates.  This would be anyone who is not actively applying to positions; it could be candidates who are already employed, or candidates who are looking but just haven't found my company yet.  I would say these passive candidates are about 50/50 split on employed/unemployed... but it's often the case where you can't just rely on active candidates to fill a position, or else years (literally) would go by.  We have job openings that have been open for approaching a year...

    I'm not sure that you are even seeing my (or the) point... I'm not saying ANYTHING about the unemployed not deserving a job.  But if the position requires X, Y, and Z skills and candidates who apply only have X... it's not feasible to hire them, whether they are unemployed or already employed.  It's not a grandiose scheme, and I'm only speaking to the positions I cover (Application Developers, Software Architects).  But we generally wait a month before using other alternatives (such as targeting passive candidates... which if you do research, is the trend).  If after 1 month there are no viable candidates (and again, there is a reason jobs have requirements... because otherwise they would/could just pay a cheaper wage to train someone without the skills, which I think is also one of your points)... we have to fill the position somehow.  Targeting passive candidates isn't the norm but it's what has to be done for some positions.

    The jobs I cover are jobs that take an average of 75+ days to fill.  They are positions that, in general, take longer than average to fill because we don't get the candidates with the required skills.  We pay for postings all over the internet but if the department needs certain skills - we have to find the candidate with those skills.  Some cases they train otherwise qualified candidates who are lacking a few of the skills but possess the major requirements.  But often there are priority skills, experiences, and certifications that the department requires.  They can't just hire anyone just to fill the job.

    There are some positions (Java Developers) that are in much higher demand than there are people to fill them.  In Phoenix there are 0.2 Java Developers for every job opening.  That means in theory an active, qualified Java Developer has the choice of 5 job openings because there is just that much competition.  That is making my job exceedingly more difficult... yes, there are a lot of unemployed out there.  But how about unemployed Java Developers?  I urge you to send them my way if they are out there, especially in Phoenix.

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