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    Hi tvb,
      I came back recently as well.  I like the welcome back on the page.  Started lurking here around Kerry/ Bush.  I was in a rural area and never had broad band til recently.  
       Your diary helped me put my problems in context.  And i did not run to the store  for cigarettes as was my wont.  
      I am glad your not going through this alone.  I too am looking forward to planting , making beds, and digging in the 'soil'.  I prefer dirt... but it riles the die hard's.  
      Since moving into a fixxer upper,  i just had my first nights sleep on my new bed.     In two months i have slept on the couch, floor, and airmattress.  Enough already, the bed was nirvana.   And the delivery guys worked ot on a Sat.   Talk about awesome.  They couldn't get the bed up the stairs and had to go back and get split box springs, and a different base.   Pays to do that local thing .  Best of luck to you.  

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