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View Diary: Please, CNN's Roland Martin, explain to me what's so darn funny about hate crimes? (217 comments)

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  •  But WHY does he have hatred? From where? (0+ / 0-)

    You say the bigger issue is his greater hatred towards others, gays. But why? Why does he hate? Why does he feel personally threatened by gays? Why does he lash out at something that is truly none of his business?

    You say that his being uncomfortable with his sexuality doesn't endanger others. But I think it's the source of his rage and hatred. Hate is a powerful emotion, it doesn't come from a vaccum. If Martin HATES gays, hates them with passion and anger to the point that he is urging violence, there is a reason.

    No one can point to anything in the "homosexual agenda" that takes freedom away from anyone, that imposes any action on anyone, that forces a religious person to do anything except treat their neighbors with respect. There is no basis for violence, none.

    How do you explain it otherwise?

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