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View Diary: Ron Paul okay with emergency contraception in cases of 'honest rape' (138 comments)

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  •  Oh, his rich repub daughters have "honest" rape (0+ / 0-)

    As opposed to the type of rape the rest of us 99% hos might get!!!

    So, the morning after pill is OK Dr. Paul?

    I guess abortion is OK as an option for the daughters of rich rethugs, after all, we wouldn't want to interfere with their debutante parties or college plans, but too bad for us lower class types.  Just like rich rethug hypocrisy, or that of the catholic chuch shipping the Belgian nuns in the Congo to Europe for D&Cs after the Mau Mau revolution (Pious XII didn't want them to have any little brown babies, but I guess that was honest rape so the abortion ban was suspended) , or giving 3x Newt an annulment because his prior 2 marriages were not "honest" marriages.


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