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View Diary: Idiot Republican congressman gets angry about Planned Parenthood 'news' story from The Onion (280 comments)

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    While I agree that it's deliberate disinformation, I don't think Fleming even expects his audience to take it literally. It's a lot more subtle than that, because Republicans know, and use, well-established principles of social psychology and communication in ways that we seem unable to.

    What they expect to happen is that the audience, even though they recognize the story isn't true, will be left with a vague, hard-to-articulate sense of discomfort about PP. Maybe they'll come up with the impression that PP is a building a whole bunch of new abortion clinics (shortage of providers? What shortage?). The key thing is that most people won't be able to trace back where they got that vague bad impression from, and if you tell them it came from the presentation of the satire, they'll immediately dismiss you (of course I know it was a joke!). The effect is to imperceptibly pull the Overton window a bit to the right.

    Banksters are harmful for the same reason neutrinos are harmless: neither are inclined to share what they've got (wealth and energy, respectively)

    by ebohlman on Mon Feb 06, 2012 at 06:08:00 PM PST

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