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View Diary: Paul Ryan to pick budget fight with President Obama over Medicare, defense cuts (77 comments)

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    It has been the same for a couple decades. Basically, they do not want the government to play any role in the health care industry for any age whatsoever. Why? Ideology mainly. If you ask them what their parents are going for health care, they admit Medicare but then move to the subject of high costs and efficiency without batting an eye. You bring up that Medicare only spends 3-5% on administration and is controlling costs and they just look the other way.

    This is a movement fueled exclusively by a desire to adhere to an ideology. It is not concerned with solutions because they believe the problem you think should be fixed pales in comparison to the problem they think is the root cause of all evil:government.

    At the end of the day though, people are not stupid and everyone sooner or later gets old or has a parent that is old. When people really start to grasp the reality of aging then they usually start supporting Medicare. Ryans budget takes taxes lower and transfers medical costs to seniors to justify his lower tax rates. In his mind, lower taxes make up for everything. Everything works out if only you will let me lower taxes. When asked how low do you have to go before the goodies start kicking in so we can all share in the fun...he says "lower than it is today".

    Asshats all of them. And the idiots who vote for them are just as bad.

    Do facts matter anymore?

    by Sinan on Mon Feb 06, 2012 at 03:50:45 PM PST

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