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View Diary: Video of NYPD Breaking into Ramarley Graham's Home Prior to Murdering Him (195 comments)

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  •  The procedure used by the police looks wrong (30+ / 0-)

    Now I don't claim to be a police expert by any means but my dad was a police officer for 17 years and I've read up on a lot of the training, policies, procedures, and tactics of the LAPD. I have to say that the way the officers act in this video seems to demonstrate bad procedure. I find it disconcerting and it makes me suspicious that there's more to this story than we're realizing.

    Here's what I notice. There's no hot pursuit here. Ramarley Graham casually walks into his home and closes the door behind him. He doesn't seem to indicate that he's been chased at all or even been followed. So this isn't an instance of officers coming into a home in pursuit of a fleeing suspect (like someone who's just robbed a bank with an AK-47 and is making a getaway).

    The cops proceed without a warrant. They don't follow the knock and announce rule either. They just immediately move to kick down the door. Now, if you notice carefully, the way they try and come in is very strange. The officer tries to open the door as a normal person would. Only when he realizes it's locked does he try and kick it in. Now, here's a question. Let's say you're in pursuit of a dangerous suspect and you need to enter a home where this suspect has gone. Why do you casually try to open the door first and only attempt to break it down when you realize it's locked?

    His attempt to kick down the door is poor btw. He doesn't kick properly in a way that would effectively kick down the door. When he fails to do so though, he turns his back and tries kicking it while turned away from it. Again, this is poor procedure in a number of ways. To successfully kick down a door, you need to put your forward weight into it. You can't do it while turned around. Also, you place yourself in a vulnerable position for your own safety. If your back is turned, you can't see who might open up that door behind you. And the way that officer did it, it seemed like he was lashing out in anger too. The way the cops unlock the front door too for the other cops to gain entrance is strange too. Why not apprehend the suspect first and secure the area before unlocking the front door?

    So I ask these questions because it seems like these officers are poorly trained. And it makes me wonder (I'm not saying this is the case but only throwing it out as a possibility) if these cops were not targeting this young man and if this targeting was outside their normal law enforcement duties.

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    by SoCalLiberal on Mon Feb 06, 2012 at 10:06:34 PM PST

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