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View Diary: Video of NYPD Breaking into Ramarley Graham's Home Prior to Murdering Him (195 comments)

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  •  again, i ask (4+ / 0-)

    where is the President, the Democrats, those in power who say they represent the people?

    where are their voices calling for accountability???

    the shocking thing is the video record... and the more visual the record, the the silence of those in power becomes more horrible.

    this isn't eye witness testimony or a distraught parent describing events.

    we CAN SEE it. we saw it with Rodney King. and then they tried to downplay because Rodney drank???? what the fuck did that have to do with his being brutalized? in fact, beating up a drunk makes it fucking worse.

    tell me... why shouldn't i expect my president, congresspeople, and senators to stand up against this violence?

    •  Obama getting involved at this point isn't helpful (4+ / 0-)

      Obama's a former constitutional law professor. He knows exactly how the legal system works and what to do about it.

      Rightly or wrongly, his presence could interfere with the investigation or prevent justice from being done.

      The president's role at this point is to ask his Attorney General to monitor the situation. If it looks like the NYPD is going to try to whitewash the situation, THEN the Justice Department gets involved.

      Obama: At least he gives a good speech.

      by Permanent Republican Minority on Tue Feb 07, 2012 at 04:44:05 AM PST

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    •  I get the impression that you are asking a (2+ / 0-)
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      OldDragon, SouthernBelleNC49

      question to suit your pre-prepared answer.
      This isn't about the president.
      This isn't even about Republicans and Democrats.
      This is about a culture which believes that some Americans are less than and thus sub-human.
      People treat their dogs, cats, snakes, hamsters, horses better than how this society treats its young black and brown men.
      Shoot them in the back, kill them because they have cell phones, flood their communities with drugs instead of jobs, send them to ill-equipped schools and make sure they are placed in special ed classes, give them maximum sentences for offenses that their white counterpart would get a slap on the wrist for, flood their communities with pawn shops willing to sell them guns for fifty bucks then when they kill each other attribute it to gang warfare which somehow seems to make it ok, spend more money to build prisons to house them and cut the education budgets and every now and again as you feel like, moisten the earth with their blood.
      After all, they are less than and not worthy.

      •  okay. then who represents those young black men? (1+ / 0-)
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        if not the president, the leader of the free world... i ask you, then who?

        the president and his secretary of state can speak up on behalf of protesters worldwide and can chastise China... but god forbid they speak up on behalf of their own citizens.

        these people, be they brown, black, OWS protesters... need our voices and the voices of our leaders: this is unacceptable... it is no time for silence in the face of this growing police brutality

        btw, to your initial response: of course, you are right... it's a rhetorical question.

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