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    And I think it really does to the heart of the matter.

    A lot of Americans, I assume the majority, do not want a Revolution. And it doesn't take a genius to recognize that there are more Revolutionary portents in the air than than most people want to see.

    There was a lot of police instigated violence in Oakland on January 28. There's been more since then. I'm told hundreds of people were injured, though I only saw a few, and hundreds were arrested. All of the violence was instigated by the police. But somebody burned a flag and knocked over a display at city hall, and that became the media focus and the supposed justification for all the police violence and the mass arrests, which is crazy if you know the actual sequence of events, but most people never see or understand that.

    All they can suss out of what little information they get is that something looks kind of anti-American and revolutionary over there in Oakland, and the cops look like they're putting down a violent insurrection (which isn't what's happening at all), so... good. Put those vermin in their place.

    A real Revolution in this country is a terrifying notion to very many Americans, and if it looks like it might happen or is really happening somewhere, most Americans are just as happy to see it put down, as harshly as necessary.

    It's just too frightening.

    And you're right. A real revolution in this country is just as likely to be won -- through force of arms if no other way -- by the most rigid theocrats and quite possibly worse.

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    by felix19 on Tue Feb 07, 2012 at 10:31:43 AM PST

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