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  •  Anarchists grow up, eventually. (0+ / 0-)
    He falsely asserts that Black Bloc is yet another of the innumerable Occupy Movement hijackers, yet he can point to no example of hijacking by Black Bloc -- in a Movement that was founded by anarchists.
    'was founded by anarchists' - this is an insult to all the non-anarchists involved in the Occupy Movement (also obviously false - all kinds of people created it. duh.) - remember this quote in the future. It is a common arrogant attitude by many anarchists.

    'no example of hijacking by Black Bloc'??

    This video may not be 'hijacking' but it certainly is an example of Black Bloc Anarchists attacking other Occupy demonstrators and forcing people into a violent situation they did not consent to....

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      Brown Thrasher, Liberaltarian

      Nobody denies that there was a Black Bloc action -- one time, in Oakland on November 2, 2011.

      So far as I know there has not been another Black Bloc associated with Occupy in Oakland or anywhere else.

      There was one Black Bloc. Months ago. In Oakland. There hasn't been one since. Anywhere in association with Occupy. None.

      Obviously, this cancer is spreading like wildfire.

      Do you really believe that one Black Bloc on one day in Oakland during the General Strike in November last year is somehow capable of destroying Hedges' Revolution?

      I don't. It's absurd to think so.

      As for "founders" -- all sorts of people came together in New York prior to Sept 17, 2011, to assemble the elements that would form the operational foundations of Occupy Wall Street; a large number of them were anarchists. The whole OWS structure of GAs, working groups, affinity groups, horizontal (non-hierarchical) organization, and on and on are adapted directly from anarchist philosophy, thought and practice going back decades. So even the "founders" who weren't anarchists adopted many anarchist operational practices.

      It's not "arrogance" to say so.

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      by felix19 on Wed Feb 08, 2012 at 02:07:20 PM PST

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