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  •  What would be heroic... (0+ / 0-) to take their lumps like the rest of us, no matter what the pigs do, on principle, as agreed upon by consensus, to remain non-"violent", no matter What.

    THAT takes real bravery, as our brothers and sisters in the squares of North Africa, and now Arabia and Persia as well, have so heroically demonstrated...

    Consciously, deliberately, democratically, by consensus...

    Non freakin' "Violent", Period.

    No matter What.

    Film it all, facilitate media.

    Stand your ground.

    Be willing to die for your country, and for justice and peace, to save the planet.

    For democracy, which is our ONLY hope for those things to Ever be materially realized.

    Even more important though, than these attempts to hijack, manipulate, and sabotage the popular democratic movement with police the issue of line.

    Promulgation of electoral boycott and splitting lines, anti-Democratic lines...

    That will kill the credibility and viability of Occupy more than Anything that the BB freaks can do.

    I recognize that BB has some principled and dedicated anti-fascist fighters among them...but unless they are willing to submit to the consensus of the collective, they have to gtfo, or be considered, and treated like, freakin' trolls.

    WTF good are provocateurs and saboteurs, who refuse to comply with consensus?

    We don't "need" them for "diversity of tactics", nor for "solidarity". WTF good is solidarity that does not comply with consensus?

    The principled practice, if you just can't or won't comply with consensus, is to withdraw, without hanging around to sabotage and destroy the efforts of consensus.

    And if you stick around, that includes shutting the fuck up about it, unless and until conditions warrant further consensus.

    Call me a Fascist/Stalinist authoritarian, but solidarity does not include breaking consensus.

    Let's get this straight.

    I'm no pacifist.

    But I don't want Any military or "para"military, or guerilla, or "militia" action taken "on my behalf" that's in snarling contempt of, defiance of, rejection of, and totally against, the larger popular democratic consensus of the entire movement...which may seem nebulous, but has been pretty consistent and adamant in regard to "non-violence".

    As I've said elsewhere...we are NOT calling for civil war here...That is on the Right. They are calling for civil war, because we are about to kick their ass, democratically, electorally. Didn't you notice?

    Which freakin' side are you on?

    Never mind, I don't Even care...who Knows who anyone is, anyway, in an anonymous venue?

    You'll get your civil war, but it will come from the Right, in a desperate last-ditch bid to prevent democracy.

    Democracy is Not what riots in the streets look like.

    Democracy is what THIS looks like:

    inauguration 2inauguration1Inauguration kids 4

    Vote or Fight

    It may take both...the more substantial the popular democratic mandate coming out of November, the more readily we can suppress any attempts at counter-revolutionary civil war.

    And, of course, the more readily we can roll out the new green paradigm, put everyone back to work, bring home our troops, have homes, pensions, health care, education, etc, and bring the criminal traitors to justice...

    Less progressive, liberal, rational moderate Democratic plurality in the House and Senate, not so much, or worse.

    This is not North Africa, or 1917 Russia,'s the USA, going into the 21st Century, and if anyone can do this, we can.

    Bring the Better Democrats!

    All Out for the Primaries, and November!

    Democracy is the most fundamental revolutionary principle.

    by Radical def on Tue Feb 07, 2012 at 12:16:40 PM PST

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