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View Diary: Sorry, GOP: Poll of Catholics finds majority supports birth-control coverage (176 comments)

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  •  But 90% Favor Using Birth Control/Contraceptives. (0+ / 0-)

    That's Catholics.

    So what's the real story here? The 1% within the Catholic Church (ok, 10%) are opposed to a legal, medically acceptable practice.

    The 90% support it.

    28 States already require what is in this 'new' rule.

    So the most recent snapshot you quote, concerning an issue that has seen more hype than facts, may not be the tell on how the 'Catholic voter' will actually vote.

    What we really have here is the 'Christian' RightWing, dominated by the Conservative-leaning Evangelicals, driving this bus.

    ...One very interesting finding is that the attitudes of Catholics are generally very similar to those of all adults and, on some issues, very unlike the official position of the Pope and the Church. For example, overwhelming majorities of Catholics favor contraception (90%), condom use to prevent HIV and STD infections (93%), the funding of international birth control programs (66%), embryonic stem cell research (70%) and the withdrawal of life support for those in a vegetative state (68%). A majority (56%) also supports abortion rights.
      On the other hand, born-again Christians, adults who think of themselves as "very religious" and Evangelicals are much less supportive of all of these programs and policies, with Evangelicals being the least likely to support them. For example, only 28 percent of Evangelicals support abortion rights (compared to 63% of all adults) and only 38 percent of Evangelicals support embryonic stem cell research (compared to 70% of all adults).


    2005- New Harris Poll Finds Different Religious Groups Have Very Different Attitudes to Some Health Policies and Programs

    The time has come to put the "Occ" in "DemOCCracy". Support (or create) the "Occupy" movement near you. Ordinary Citizens Count in this extraordinary Democcracy.

    by Into The Woods on Tue Feb 07, 2012 at 03:13:46 PM PST

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