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    someone who has never known him when he was helpless, or in mourning. that opens up a world of hope and possibility to him. (i lost my mother at 14, and for years, my father was so lost in grief it sometimes felt like they were both gone.) i think most grandparents feel nothing is ever quite good enough for their grandchildren, and hopefully, your father will reconsider some of his conservative beliefs when he considers her future.

    my heart really goes out to you, shiobe. reading this, i can feel your pain and i have wondered in the past week if the Komen imbeciles have any idea how hurtful their actions have been to so many. not that they'd care, but their cruelty has resonated in ways they might not have considered. i've heard they have a sale of their pink ribbon shirts online, but i wouldn't want one even if it was free. they went too far this time.

    Success loves a witness, but failure can't exist without one. - Junot Díaz

    by Avila on Tue Feb 07, 2012 at 04:15:58 PM PST

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      That is why we need to fund Planned Parenthood directly, or any other legit org who truly looks after the needs of the people. Komen has just shown their true colors. Even I wonder how much good they actually accomplished, or if their money was really meant to make Brinker rich and they rode on the backs of the sick to make it happen.

      I can't even buy Yoplait anymore. Nothing with a pink ribbon, and I hopefully will never again buy anything from a company that might use that money to support them.

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