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  •  And, no, his comment wasn't "benign" (6+ / 0-)

    compared to anything anyone else says.

    Jus saying its time to move on and get Obama re-elected.
    None of this has to do with Obama, and you're the first and only person to bring his name into this diary.

    We delivered. They failed us. We have moved on. (h/t to my good friend)

    by gooderservice on Wed Feb 08, 2012 at 03:20:58 PM PST

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    •  Hysteria doesn't become you (0+ / 0-)

      To be honest with you, Roland's remarks did not appear to be and were not directed at the GLBT community but at heterosexual men. He obviously was joking...rather poorly at that. Its like those man up commercials the Beer companies and Dr. Pepper have been playing for the past few months. Is the GLBT upset about those commercials? I am a supporter of the GLBT. It just seems that now its the moral arbiter (judge and jury) of what someone says and how they feel in their hearts...nerver trying to find a way forward to forgiveness and understanding. People are human, make poor jokes, say dumb things...but that doesn't mean Roland or anyone else cannot be educated or redeemed. I have been finding that some members of the the GLBT is becoming intolerant and very judgemental...finding fault in everything joking conversation that they think indicts the community...go talk to Roland and find where his heart lies.

      Oracle2021: The purpose of life is a life of purpose."

      by Oracle2021 on Thu Feb 09, 2012 at 09:42:33 AM PST

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      •  If it were his first offense (2+ / 0-)
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        Scott Wooledge, FrugalGranny

        then he would get the benefit of the doubt.

        and what about his wife, who is heaviluy involved in "ex-gay" therapy?

        I think that says more about where martin's heart lies rthan anything else.

        •  How do you know whats in anyone's heart? (0+ / 0-)

          It seems to me that a lot of energy is being spent on accomplishing nothing. Roland is off of you want to pour salt in his wound. Sounds like a tea party mindset...can't let go...and can't forgive. Use this energy to go after the Repugs...that's all I am saying.

          Oracle2021: The purpose of life is a life of purpose."

          by Oracle2021 on Thu Feb 09, 2012 at 03:58:53 PM PST

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          •  Apparently, you consider homophobia (0+ / 0-)

            to be an acceptable for of prejudice that needs to be looked over for other more serious things.

            I have suffered serious injuries and come near death because of homophobic attacks. You don't get to minimize rhetoric and make more acceptable than it already is.

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