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View Diary: I've got donor fatigue and it ain't Super Tuesday yet! (9 comments)

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  •  I don't think there's a simple solution. (2+ / 0-)
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    Dr Stankus, FresnoBill314

    Or at least one that's one-stop.

    One of the reasons I first came to Daily Kos was for this very reason. I wanted to get up-to-date infos on where candidates stood in polls so I could start making small-donor decisions. So reading polls helps -- if my favored candidate is way, way ahead in a Dem district (or behind in a total blow-out in a district that's rarely elected a Democrats) ... well, I'll probably give it a pass.

    But there are other considerations too. Until I came here, I'd never thought through the implications of media markets and their varied costs; $100,000 in Montana goes a lot further than $100,000 in an expensive media market like New York. And I wanted to make sure my $10 went where it could have the most pop.

    So basically, I budget what I'll donate for the whole season, keep my eyes on polls in different races that interest me, think through the "bang for the buck" media market angle, and parcel small donations out. And oh, yeah, there's the power of giving as early as possible to a nascent campaign and doing it right before quarterly $$ amounts will be released in order to help the favored campaign's PR.

    It's complicated and kind of gut-feeling, how I do it, but it works for me. And of course, there's the indefinable "how much am I in love with this candidate" factor that usually plays a role (this cycle I'm in love with Elizabeth Warren).

    And I've stopped being irritated after years of email and snail mail solicitations. It's part of the journey, and you really can't blame a campaign for coming around again. There actually IS quite a repeat donor rate in politics, and it makes sense if campaigns do it. I now just ignore, with no hard feelings.

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