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View Diary: The Gharwar peak and a rational response (7 comments)

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  •  yeah, it's an odd feature of these commentaries (none)
    I really do think we are at or near a peak of oil production, but somehow a lot of analyses of "peak oil" end up sounding like "OH NOES PEAK OIL RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I swear I don't wear a tinfoil hat!
    •  Yes, it's too bad (none)
      Because the automatic response to such a tone is to dismiss the issue.

      The implications have such far-reaching impact. One, and not an "important" one, but important, is how far you live from your parents or your kids (or your grandkids.) What sort of impact would this have on your ability to see them if you lived across the country or the world?

      Rail lines would be a good investment in the U.S. it would seem, as far as infrastructure, since trains seem to be the cheapest form of long-term transit within a land area.

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