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View Diary: Catholic Church silent on child rape, taking to the streets over 'intrinsically evil' birth control (314 comments)

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  •  Legitimacy of the Catholic Church (4+ / 0-)

    For virtually its entire existence, the Catholic Church of Rome has had to fight for its legitimacy. When you hear the priests and bishops give sermons, they are always heavily laced with assertions of church authority, especially moral authority.

    Well, Mr. Pope. You know what we call assertions of moral authority coupled with immoral behavior? That's called hypocrisy. And Christ used that very word to condemn that very thing in the Gospels. Remember the Pharisees, who professed piety while practicing immorality? They will be forever condemned as moral hypocrites.

    The Catholic Church can only achieve moral authority through moral behavior. If the Church wishes to have and assert moral authority, it must pay strict attention to making sure all its actions are moral. If any actions are immoral, the response to those actions must be moral to avoid Pharisaic hypocrisy. Mere assertions of moral authority have the opposite effect to that intended. Reverence for the Church is dissolved in a conflagration of rage.

    Repent, Mr. Pope. Or you and your Church will reap the whirlwind.

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