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View Diary: Catholic Church silent on child rape, taking to the streets over 'intrinsically evil' birth control (314 comments)

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  •  Why I am not a Christian (0+ / 0-)

    and definitely not a Catholic.

    Suppose you are a deity making contact with your followers during the years of 4,000BC-100AD (or whatever). For some reason, you don't want to micro-manage things. In fact, you will be pretty miserly with your words given the time frame, furthermore you will be basically silent over the 2,000 years following this time frame.

    Nonetheless, you're going to speak to your followers some rules and guidelines. Humanity is going to suffer greatly if you are not wise with your words. Potentially, things left unsaid could lead to real suffering.

    Given this, what do you pass on as sacred word to your followers?

    Admonitions against eating shellfish, or wearing mixed-fiber clothing, or having sex for purposes beyond procreation. All things which have never, are not, and will ever make a difference to the human condition, of if they do, in the case of using contraception, the advice given is a great source of current human suffering.

    Sorry, but for example, I would have at least snuck in a sentence about skin color not having an affect whatsoever on the worth of a person.

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