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View Diary: Good News from Alzheimer's Researchers they may have found the magic bullet (164 comments)

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    I just hate these diaries that get people's hope up when there is no reason to hope yet. This isn't a cure--it's not even close yet. There are many steps that will be required before this we'll know if this drug works in humans. Alzheimer's is a complex disease, and human brains are far more complex than mice brains. I can't believe this diary is at the top of the rec list. The science illiteracy on this site is troubling.

    BTW, I lost 2 grandparents to Alzheimer's, so please don't give me any crap about how bad the disease is. I know better than most.

    I left my heart in NAZ.

    by Scott in NAZ on Thu Feb 09, 2012 at 07:45:56 PM PST

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