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View Diary: NY Atty. Gen. Schneiderman LOVES Today's Mortgage Fraud Deal. UPDATED x3 Liz Warren Likes it Too! (261 comments)

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  •  It is your bias (8+ / 0-)

    And so many others.

    And it's unfair and based on left-wing flame-throwing that's rarely grounded in reality, from my perspective.

    Take the contraception "cave" from today, for example. Isn't the bottom line that President Obama, THIS President, no President before him, got contraception covered as preventive care, meaning no co-pay and it must be covered by every insurer in the country.

    Think about that for a few moments and weigh it against the yammering against PPACA.

    That's a big f***ing deal, like so many of the quiet provisions of Obamacare, lost behind the right-wing squeals of "death panels" and the left-wing squeals of "single payer!"

    He. Got. Contraception. Covered. 100%. For. Every. American. Insurance. Policy.

    He does this kind of thing with almost every decision and every piece of legislation.

    •  No, it's deeply grounded in reality. (0+ / 0-)

      Obama's people in Treasury said, when criticized about HAMP's failure, that HAMP was actually a sham program designed to steal a last few payments from underwater homeowners before the banks take their houses anyway, to prop up bank balance sheets.

      Obama personally hired Alan "300 million tits" Simpson to co-chair his Deficit (Catfood) Commission, then kept him on after he made the above comment.

      I agree that Obama's been a lot better during this election year than when he wasn't facing reelection.  But that has terrible implications for 2013.  Obama always has his finger on the "shaft you" button.  I'm glad he's doing better at his reflexive twitch, but again, I see no reason why he won't go back to his true self once he's used us to get elected again.

      The two things Teabaggers hate most are: being called racists; and black people.

      "It takes balls to execute an innocent man." -- anonymous GOP focus group member on Rick Perry

      by Punditus Maximus on Fri Feb 10, 2012 at 11:01:37 AM PST

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