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  •  few of these talking heads state the obvious (0+ / 0-)

      Not only should the Catholic Church not have a say on contraceptive coverage, but neither should any employer. On contraception or any other health concern.  There are two relevant to this decision- the person to whom the prescription is to be given and that person's doctor.  If a medicine is prescribed, it is covered. And that coverage is the same for everyone. That is the way it is in every other nation of the developed world.
    The Obama administration is equally responsible for this debacle for having pushed health care "reform" that continues to provide health insurance and pharmaceutical companies with obscene profits and allowing profit, not necessarily health concerns, to drive medical decisions.  

    "No one else could ever be admitted here, since this gate was made only for you. I am now going to shut it."- Franz Kafka, "Before the Law"

    by normal family on Fri Feb 10, 2012 at 03:59:20 PM PST

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