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View Diary: My ribbon is red: Planned Parenthood fights HIV/AIDS (185 comments)

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  •  fantastic diary! (4+ / 0-)

    I have a pin made by a local artist, from the AIDS awareness stamp. I love wearing it, not only because it is beautiful, but because I bought it from her at a craft fair. She died of cancer -- another disease we should be fighting like hell, so I really value the things I bought from her.

    I have friends who I love dearly who are HIV+ and that's why I work so hard for funding for places that help them & do prevention. Planned Parenthood is on my charity check off at work, just a tiny amount, but every month I give them something. And you're right -- we can't let the hate of the haters infect us. It's really important to me do do what I do out of love. People I love need care, people I don't know need care -- we're humans and we should care.

    You might already know this song, but your diary reminded me of it

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