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  •  Social Security originally applied only (0+ / 0-)

    to wage earners. All professionals - lawyers, doctors, teachers, accountants, etc - were exempted, as were all state and federal employees. As the Act was extended to include more and more workers, various employers, like school systems, were given the option to either come into the Social Security system, but if they did not, they were required to put in place a similar retirement/disability system.  Don't know for a fact, but it sounds like that may be what happened in your college. For instance, in 1984, all federal employees were given the option to either stay in the old Civil Service Retirement System [CSRS], or switch to Federal Employees Retirement System [FERS], which is Social Security. After 1884, all new federal employee hires were automatically enrolled in FERS. They did not have the option to enroll in CSRS.

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