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View Diary: White House officials outline the 'accommodations' on birth control (284 comments)

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    It is "on" the insurance company, but they'll make up the cost in some way, perhaps an increased premium for the religious provider who can't prove the increase is related to birth control costs.

    I'm a little concerned about the President's compromise.  The employer doesn't have to say or do anything.  The burden is now on the employee to contact the insurance company to get birth control coverage.  As anyone who has ever dealt with an insurance company knows, this could be a lengthy, aggravating process.  (My Medicare prescription drug plan last year denied me coverage of a drug because the dosage was higher than the recommended dosage.  The insurer's authorization form filled out by my doctor didn't even ask for the medical reasons for the higher dosage.  The authorization was denied also and I changed to a different company at the end of the year.  Imagine going through this hell for birth control.)

    Plus, what about birth control medications for non-birth control uses?  My wife never used the pill until she approached menopause and it was prescribed to alleviate the symptoms.

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