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View Diary: President Obama speaks out on birth control accommodation (219 comments)

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  •  I wouldn't say that, exactly (5+ / 0-)

    First of all, we get Obama and Democrats on record as supporting the provision of free birth control. That's something that will get the attention of working class Americans. We get Republicans on record as being against free birth control, and kinda against birth control in general. There was even some media coverage of the fact that some of the Republican candidates think birth control  maybe should be illegal again.

    On top of that, we get Mitt Romney going on record blasting this rule and then coverage of the fact that (oops, again!) it's pretty much the same as the one he signed into law as Governor.

    And, finally, the cherry on top of this sundae, we get President Obama looking like King Solomon, protecting women's right to free contraception while addressing the religious concerns raised.

    I don't think the White House intended to set things up and tee it off like this, though. I don't think anybody could be that good. I just think they played well as things unfolded.

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