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View Diary: President Obama speaks out on birth control accommodation (219 comments)

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    This now carves out a religious exemption from employment law for businesses which just happen to be run by religious organizations.

    What's next?

    An exemption from EEOC laws on say, race, because the owner of a company has some kooky religious beliefs that say he shouldn't hire, oh, I don't know...blacks?

    Why, oh, why can't the Dems and Obama stand firm on anything?  You all are seeing this as a "win" form of compromise, but I see it as a long-term loss...which means Obama was playing politics with women's health care just as much as the republicans were.  AND it opens the door to further religious exemption in employment law.

    Don't want to hire minorities?  Gays?  Women?  Claim that it's against your religion!

    The dems and Obama could have won this trumped-up "controversy" handily...but once again, they caved.  Talk about spineless...

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