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View Diary: President Obama speaks out on birth control accommodation (219 comments)

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    ...Richard Doerflinger [...] mentioned that it would be very helpful for Catholic women to contact their legislators and tell them that they do not want contraception covered in their health insurance plans. I wish there were some way to follow up and learn how many women heeded Doerflinger's call.
    Since 98% of Catholic women in the US have used birth control, and the RCC hierarchy in the US seems to have lost most of their moral authority (the Catholic left uses birth control and largely favors acess to safe abortions, and the Catholic right ignores the Bishops' admonitions about the death penalty and wars), I think there will be a seldom interupted cricket chorus on this one.

    "We will find fulfillment not in the goods that we have, but in the good we can do for each other." ~ RFK

    by paz3 on Fri Feb 10, 2012 at 12:10:09 PM PST

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