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View Diary: Unicorn sighting: A political compromise that makes both sides happy (228 comments)

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  •  Mostly agree PS... (5+ / 0-)

    but it's both.  He allowed the repubs enough time to show their extremist, anti-women agenda and pulled Lucy's football out from them.  You don't get to be the first black president by being a political dummy.

    •  What the people over at FDL (3+ / 0-)

      don't or won't realize is that most people, the vast majority of people as a matter of fact, HATE the political games.  This was not a game.  It was policy that pissed some people off, Obama listened to their concerns, and tweaked a policy so everyone is happy.

      It is what the vast majority of people want to see.....that he can only do this in the narrow purview of his executive powers makes it look likt he's getting nothing done and has "progressives" howling.  It pisses me off that more dems don't seem to realize the magnitude of the obstruction arrayed against him.

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