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View Diary: Forget tax breaks, I need an insurance break. (34 comments)

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  •  Feel your pain--thanks for pointing this out (14+ / 0-)

    My partner and I own a small construction business.  Adding a field employee automatically adds $1400 to our general liability per year per employee.  With health care at roughly $385/month per employee and Workers Compensation at 18-22% of payroll for field staff (no claims in 10 years) the biggest cost consideration for hiring is insurance.  A lot of folks are going to subcontractor relationships with everybody--forcing individual owner/operators to get their own insurance which doesn't really save anything in the long run since it all still gets billed through (and a lot of independent folks have been opting out of health insurance which makes me crazy--I am actually thankful for the mandate).  

    I find it hard to believe that my medicare payroll tax costs, contributions for health insurance and HSA's and workers comp costs are less expensive than the additional taxes I'd pay for universal coverage which would simplify all of this.

    •  The experience of every other industrialized (3+ / 0-)
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      country proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the cost of state-run universal coverage would be far, far less than our current system in the US. Even experience within the US with Medicare, Medicaid and the Veteran's Administration proves that when healthcare is driven by he need to only pay for health care, rather than by the enormous profits demanded by the wall Street racketeers, the costs are substantially lower.

      But our government is run by the corrupt and the venal and not run to be efficient or to help Americans.

      And yet every right-winger "knows someone" in Canada or England, or wherever, who is just begging to be allowed to have US health insurance coverage because health care in their country is so horrifyingly awful and they all have blood-chilling horror stories too boot. I always find it amazing that people who would never consider leaving the US, who have never BEEN to Europe or even Canada, who know nothing about the world outside our border (except how awful the health care is over there), still -- every single right winger -- personally "knows someone" from another land who hates their health insurance (they know no one else from abroad, mind you, only the people who hate their health care).

      It's amazing. Or it's just a lie.

      And what's the likelihood of that?

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