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View Diary: Unhinged NRA chief Wayne La Pierre says Obama conspiring to destroy the 2nd Amendment in second term (232 comments)

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      tb mare

      My son is a gun lubber.  He loves target shooting.  He is not a hunter.  He once went hunting with a relative and could not bring himself to kill a squirrel.

      I am trying to convert him to archery.  It brings the same level of concentration, and feeling of 'oneness' - but without the big bang noise.

      My son believes that there should be far more restraints on the types of guns that individuals own, that all purchasers should have back ground checks, that there should be a reasonable waiting period when purchasing, and something else I forget.

      I think many gun owners have the same attitude that my son does.  

      Folks who want to own military weapons, should just join the military.

      I fall down, I get up, I keep dancing.

      by DamselleFly on Sat Feb 11, 2012 at 05:54:36 AM PST

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        YsosadisticGOP, DamselleFly

        This is not the type of gun-owner I worry about. Good to him for keeping his head on his shoulders.  

        Target shooting can be fun - so long as those targets are inanimate objects and the gun is just a target-shooting gun. IOW - no canons or assault weapons.

        Oh...and tax ammo ($5/bullet or sum'tin).

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