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    For talking about gay male economic discrimination.  You just touched on it briefly, but I think it's important to dispel the myth that gay men are rich, get promoted more frequently at work, etc. etc.  I think being male gets you further in your career when you're just perceived as "young and single", but if you don't marry at some point you hit the heterosexual ceiling in your career.  And G-d forbid you're openly gay in the corporate world from day one.  You aren't going anywhere in that corporation unless they desperately need you and you have some pretty steely cojones.
    A Human Resources professional recently wrote an article for an HR magazine that said in her surveys, she found nearly half of college-educated LGBT are not out at work and made steps to hide their sexuality.  I'm guessing the other half were under 30.

    Ezra Klein is my "freebie"

    by Skylarking on Sat Feb 11, 2012 at 04:44:26 PM PST

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      because it is more proof of the idea that gay men do not have what is generally discussed as "male privilege." Jonathan Capehart at the Washington Post went into this really well the other day. He went with more generic census information, but there are studies that break these things down by education and occupation, and you still find gay men making less than straight men, and are more likely to live in poverty. The problem I have with the census data is that it can only measure couples because there is no "gay" question on the census. I had a diary on this topic here.

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        commonmass, RfrancisR

        I won't deny we have some privilege as males, do say we have none would be to minimize the discrimination females face.  However once you are perceived as gay you better be prepared to fight harder to move ahead than your heterosexual counterparts.  Before discrimination was illegal in my state (2006 in Washington State!) I was denied a promotion even though my VP and manager recommended it.  I was told to my face "this role would have you meeting with clients, and we don't want a gay person representing our company".  Why they thought my sexuality would come up during a business meeting, I don't know.  I was out at that company but learned my lesson quickly.  I've only ever been 'out' at one other company in my working life.

        Ezra Klein is my "freebie"

        by Skylarking on Sun Feb 12, 2012 at 10:25:45 AM PST

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