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  •  They battle through legislation and judiciary... (5+ / 0-)

    On one side there are concerted efforts to have life defined as starting at conception.  This is done, often indirectly, through laws that say for instance that a woman murdered is two people murdered, not just tragically one.  Legislated precedents such as this then will provide cover for judges to say that the populace has defined life as starting at conception.

    This is broad-based, sophisticated, well-funded battle.  Unless we stand up vocally, all the terms of the debate will have been changed.

    I am so glad people like Santorum voice their extreme views about abortion and that contraception (which no one reasonable considers problematic, let's face it) is now a face of this struggle.  Because until people see what we're up against in terms of absolute desire for conservative men (note I am a man) to dictate women's choices to them, we will be in danger of sliding into a completely different kind of world (and back to back alley abortions and abortion the sole right of wealthy people who have to go across state lines or worse yet out of the country).

    We must fight on!  People's lives depend on it.

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