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  •  Self-determination vs. government (3+ / 0-)
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    "My body, my choice" is a very slippery slope as far as the exercise of governmental authority is concerned.

    In the past, we the government have forced individuals to join the military; in those cases, we chose to allow a very circumscribed subset of people to opt out as COs, but we certainly did not have to make such allowances.

    If we can force the unwilling off to war for what we term the national good, how much worse is that than forcing a woman through pregnancy to parturition?

    If we can send the unwilling off to war, what can stop us, really, from forcing people to participate in vaccine or drug tests?

    If a nation doesn't have a deep and consistent commitment to self-determination as a right, self-determination becomes mere fashion subject to the tastes of the day.

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