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  •  I've been thinking about the lies not called out (5+ / 0-)

    quite a bit lately
    Speeches are praised or slammed on their delivery and audience reaction and however many blatant lies they are not mentioned.

    Now I was shocked by that in 2008 after Palin's first big speech. Excellent delivery but I heard so many lies and strange smears. Boy was she going to be called out for that which I thought was a little unfair since she was just reading it and reading it well.
    She didn't get in any trouble as you know. All praise on every network. A grand slam... and I didn't hear any of the lies mentioned.

    But now... the lies not being brought up must just embolden them to do more and more. Even saint rick often "quotes" Obama just making crap up.
    And their demonizing is pretty much accepted. I don't recall many candidates accusing bush of  evil, destructive intent even when his worst policies were being criticized.
    How can it be accepted that they are making the president of the united states into an enemy of the country?

    It's disgusting and ugly. I would hate to see our side doing that so it is only partly partisan protectiveness.
    But the press is falling so short.

    It isn't just after speeches. They are rarely called on lies even in interviews. I don't mean being accused of lying but just asked to back up what they are saying

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