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View Diary: Republicans undiscover fire (246 comments)

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    They keep their "base" low information voters..and scared! The base always believes the lie, that the "liberal elite" looks down on them, while the republicans "understand" and are"looking out for them"! The right basically owns, the TV and radio air they don't question things because,"everybody" is saying the same!
        I  have to also say that the "liberal left" often doesn't give the real facts...but puts Obama down for being week or "caving in"! They know he never had a 60 vote majority in the senate... and it goes on & on! If I know the facts, why don't they? The right wing media will do or say anything to damage Obama, it isn't fair that the left often does the same! After the state of the union, Arianna Huffington's only comment was "Obama gives good speeches, but we still have 25 million unemployed"...when are we going to start calling them out?
        Thanks for your great article!

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