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View Diary: I Peeled the Obama Bumper Sticker Off My Car Today (213 comments)

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  •  She was a character (2+ / 0-)
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    pdx kirk, akdude6016

    Barb always spoke her mind, no matter what.  

    Couldn't carry a tune in a bucket, either, but that didn't stop her from applying for her 15 minutes every year at the Alaska Folk Festival.

    She had hip replacements in her early 80s so that she could keep on square dancing.

    Her memorial will be a giant beach picnic (probably in May) at her cabin near Dyea, if you can make it.

    And her Autoharp case was covered with bumper stickers, too.

    "Everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to die" --- Albert King

    by HarpboyAK on Sun Feb 12, 2012 at 09:26:13 PM PST

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    •  Oh, You knew Barb! (0+ / 0-)

      I regret not asking in your diary about Buddy ... I should have assumed because I imagine that all folk music lovers in Alaska knew Barb. I always enjoyed watching her perform at the Skagway festival every spring.  

      Barb was one of the first persons that I was introduced to when I first arrived in Skagway. It was always a joy to see her at The Sweet Tooth Cafe or at Mable's (the world's best espresso shop that unfortunately closed while I  was still in town). I especially enjoyed going through all of her photographs upstairs at their store.

       I will never forget my first visit out to "the compound" in Dyea. A friend of mine freaked me out when she took off running across the meadow and swan dove into what I thought I  were wildflowers, but shockingly she bounced back up into a flip. That was my first and only experience with a built in trampoline!

      I chose to leave Skagway in '05 to comeback to Illinois to take care of my disabled mother .... It is rewarding in many ways, but it's pretty much impossible for me to travel these days. I've had to miss all of the spring memorials for too many lost friends these past several years, but I will be back some day. My heart and soul belongs in SE Alaska and when this caregiver phase of my life is over, I'll return to help bleed the cruiseship passengers of their expendable cash.

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