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View Diary: Republicans warn Mitt Romney against trying to destroy Rick Santorum (116 comments)

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  •  my favorite from the redstate comments... (13+ / 0-) this one that well sums up the dawning reality many of the smart/realistic/honest ones over there must surely be coming to:

    We are doomed, people
    RichmondG30 Monday, February 13th at 11:40AM EST (link)

    Our four options at this point are:

    1. Mitt Romney. A man with no core principles with all the likability of day-old movie popcorn

    2. Rick Santorum. A great human being, but as others have pointed out, is a “pro-life statist”. And on top of that he is a senator with ZERO executive experience and what will be about $12 in his campaign account. He’ll be running against a guy with half a billion dollars and four years in the job. The media will paint him as a religious zealot and destroy him.

    3. Newt Gingrich. Need I say more?

    4. The Product of a Brokered Convention. Lots of people seem to be wishing for this. It is only a slightly-less-bad option compared to the above three. We’re going to pick our candidate in a brokered convention and then let Obama’s $500 million campaign and the mainstream media vet him/her?

    God help us all.

    •  heh (4+ / 0-)
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      drainflake77, nellgwen, kitebro, Michael91

      that was nearly a reality based comment except for this

      the mainstream media vet him/her?
      the mainstream media does not vet Republican candidates, they prop them up.

      Unless asking a candidate what they read is meant to be a vetting question. If it is, your candidate is beyond help.

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