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View Diary: What the birthers would be doing if Hillary had won. (26 comments)

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  •  this needs to be said (15+ / 0-)

    any democratic president will be illegitimate, unamerican, and inhuman to the right, for the simple fact that they have thwarted the GOP from occupying its rightful place in the national political hierarchy. they are all seen as usurpers and pretenders, and any democratic process that elects a democrat is, by virtue of the result, illegitimate, unconstitutional, and contrary to the will of god.

    this is why bipartisanship, centrism, and compromise with these people is insane.

    •  That's exactly right (2+ / 0-)
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      Mayfly, imokyrok

      The birthers also cling to some wacko theory that the 14th Amendment created a class of citizens that are not "natural born", but somewhat higher than "naturalized".  It's morphed from there.  I've even seen one birther claim there are 9 classifications of citizens in this country.

      It should be pointed out that most birthers are extremely uneducated.  The "lawyers" who lead them are:  someone who got an online legal degree from an unaccredited law school; a DWI lawyer from NJ; another lawyer from PA who may be about to have his law license yanked; and one who has abandoned law practice in favor of being a professional poker player.  The most recent possible addition to this crew is none other than Larry Klayman.  But he wants $25K to file a ballot challenge.  Oh, and he's in trouble with several state bars and was recently charged in Ohio for criminal non-payment of child support (he owes over $78,000 in child support).  

      So, it's really not surprising that these morons come up with these ridiculous theories.  The entire movement is composed of knuckle dragging idiots and a few grifter "lawyers" who try to get as much money out of the knuckle draggers as possible.  

      And, of course, Taitz lost her last case to an Empty Chair!

      •  I can't remember where I read this comment (1+ / 0-)
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        but over the weekend I noticed one person suggesting that the 14th Amendment only gave black people the right to vote and no other rights of citizenship. Thus, this person argued, no black person is eligible for political office, much less the presidency.


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