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View Diary: Newt Gingrich vows to continue, predicts third surge (74 comments)

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    Why don't he and Callista have children?

    They were lovers for years before he got divorced. He's admitted it and been forgiven, so we should be able to factor how he handled this into our understanding of the man, without having to get into the whole what does this say about this man's morality.

    I want to get a handle on his own handling of the mechanics of sex when you already have grown children, are older and are looking for some action on the side or to replace the current wife with a newer, younger model.

    Did they use birth control then?
    Were they having sex for non-procreational purposes?
    If she is infertile, was it moral of him to marry her?
    If he is infertile was it moral of him to marry her?

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