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  •  Actually it's Gloria Steinim I'd like to hear from (36+ / 0-)

    I'm 65 and was quite active in the Woman's movement, and let me tell you the "good old days"  were not that for Women.
       If the younger women who think these rights have been around forever think about what the GOP is suggesting we return to, there might be a huge resurgance in Feminism.
      Maybe it's good this position has come out in the open and now we can see the impact.  It's far broader than any of the younger folks can imagine.

    •  facebook arguing (18+ / 0-)

      recently with a financially successful middle-aged woman who said there's "no need" for "radical feminism." That kind of ingratitude and unconsciousness about what has been achieved and how easy it would be to have it all slip away pisses me off no end.

      I was heartened, though, to read newspaper comments -- which are usually such a cesspool -- about Virginia's effort to define personhood as the moment of conception. Lots of good, righteous outrage.

      If something like this passes I hope we can make the most of it as far as pointing out its absurdity so that it will be repealed. I can just imagine women clogging the carpool lane and claiming they are pregnant, or claiming tax-deductions for a pregnancy that started in one year but didn't deliver until the following year. No more worrying about having that baby by 12/31!

      •  There is nothing radical about feminism. (9+ / 0-)

        We simply want equal rights and parity.  Wow, what radical concepts in the 21st century.  I never like Barbara Walters (terrible interviewer) but if she thinks she got to where she is on her own, she's an idiot.

        •  The irony is that the equal rights will more (2+ / 0-)
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          LSophia, Amber6541

          likely come when stay-at-home dads are treated with the respect they deserve. When we can finally get the 'traditional' role of women to be seen as a role that either gender can fulfill, we will have made huge strides in the direction of equality.

          That also means getting more men to take responsibility in the home... I know that many a working woman still does more of the housework in comparison to her husband. There is something inherently wrong with this.

          I am a stay at home mom and my two boys see their dad help equally in the house - when he isn't deployed and he is at home with us, he does laundry, dishes, helps shop, etc., etc. He doesn't clean toilets. But then, I don't iron. We each contribute.

        •  which feminists (0+ / 0-)

          feminism isn't one movement.

          go to Those women are nuts. They advocate male genocide.. they also proceed to tell women what is and isn't good for them.

          PIV and rape are one and the same thing. Given its risks and consequences to women, no women would consent to PIV under normal circumstances, that is, would she not be groomed to it by force, psychic violence or decades of endoctrination. PIV only exists because of men imposing it to women, individually and collectively. Women don’t choose it, any part of it, we just get to accomodate to it, and that’s what rape is, at the very least. I used to say that any non-desired PIV/genital contact is rape, but in fact, it makes no sense because (a): it’s possible to have genital stress-related stimulation even during a rape with the use of violence (which sometimes gives the impression you’ve desired it when in fact it makes you feel horrible) and (b): the risk of PIV always remains, so except for reproductive purposes only, PIV can never be desired by any women for fun or recreative purposes under normal circumstances. So PIV is rape.
      •  Female zygotes unite! (0+ / 0-)
        Virginia's effort to define personhood as the moment of conception.
        Equal rights for pre-women. Pretty soon adult [post-zygote] women will have equal rights.

        Now can we pass the Equal Rights for Women Amendment to the Constitution?

        “My first choice is a strong consumer agency,” she said. “My second choice is no agency at all and plenty of blood and teeth left on the floor.”

        by mrobinson on Wed Feb 15, 2012 at 12:42:44 PM PST

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