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  •  Point taken, and (4+ / 0-)

    I think in fact, virtually all women are societally set-up to feel defensive about our life strategies.

    Women who have kids and work outside the home are set-up to worry about whether we are short-changing our kids and often, to be stressed out by the combined work load.

    Women who have kids and don't work outside the home are set-up to worry about whether we are selling ourselves short and perhaps, whether we are pulling our weight in relation to our husband's contribution  to family income (assuming we have a husband and he is has a secure job).

    Women who don't have kids are set-up to feel like we are not considered fully participating members of adult society, sometimes being called "selfish," and having the state of our marriage, unmarried state, and/or sexual orientation become a topic of speculation or comment.

    There is really no winning strategy for women to avoid criticism and perhaps self-criticism. And after getting banged around emotionally in the media and elsewhere, it can be easy enough to fall prey to self-doubt or read in criticism from others, even at times where it's not intended.

    Men may also face self-doubts, but at least no one thinks to question a man's choice if he decides to have kids and work outside the home.

    My own mother keeps this useful antidote posted on her fridge door:

    No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.  --Eleanor Roosevelt.

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