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    I was at a Democrat strategy meeting in Washington state a few weeks ago, and there were several members of the LaRouche youth group in attendance.

    I've been quick to dismiss them in the past, but as the strategy meeting progressed, they produced documentation on some of what we were discussing - about Amtrak, and about energy usage and generation.

    I had a look. They clearly showed how Amtrak's been gutted in the last few years, and they had hard data on the number of trips lost, number of car trips added, number of airplane trips added. They had suggestions for realistic high-speed rail routes that came from the DOT in 2001. They were level-headed. At first, they wanted to talk about maglev, but I steered them toward conventional high speed rail (there are a number of reasons conventional rail is more attainable), and they listened and learned.

    On energy, they used examples from real projects, from Kettle Foods in Oregon to Sustainable Ballard in Seattle, of how decentralization cuts our reliance on foreign oil and increases redundancy, prevents brownouts and cuts pollution. They were talking sense.

    I looked through some of their documents on the IMF, on fighting poverty, on sustainability in general, and frankly, while they aren't very good at getting their points across, they're pretty much in line with the rest of us. I welcome them into the party.

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