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View Diary: Investigating John Kerry Post-Haste, While Condoleezza Rice Goes to the Back Burner (169 comments)

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  •  So Sad (none)
    That it takes time like this, when our beloved republic is so threatened, to recognize the extraordinary courage and steadfastness of people like Rep. Conyers.  Yes, you are one of my heroes.  Another, more recent,  is Republican Congressman Ron Paul, of  the Fourteenth District of TEXAS, no less.  I wonder if Rep. Conyers has worked with him or knows of his work on behalf of what was once the Republican Party.  

    Thank you, Congressman Conyers, for all you do

    •  Incidentally . . . (4.00)
      My husband, a more fervent kossack than I - and in his sixties - was also one who had never heard of LaRouche, and was so taken with his statements about Buschco that he ordered literature from this organization.  I found it on our doorstep; my husband has been educated; recycling has occurred.

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