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View Diary: Investigating John Kerry Post-Haste, While Condoleezza Rice Goes to the Back Burner (169 comments)

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  •  Nice to meet you, too, Random Excess! (3.50)
    To respond to your attack, which was far meaner than anything I asked Congressman Conyers:

    you and your ilk are drain on the intelligent political discourse that seeks truth, fairness and accountability.
    I was asking him for some truth and accountability.  I got it.  And I am not a drain from intelligent discourse just because I wanted a reply about this.

    Your "gannon-like" assualt of Rep Conyer's statement and your refusal to be accountable for your actions exposes you for what you are. A poser. You can go back now and tell all your little friends how you were able to get a sitting Representive of the United States to respond to your allegations and smears.
    What is one example of a time here that I have refused to be accountable?  I gave him my name, for crying out loud!  As for the Gannon reference, I do not belong to a fake news group, do not run internet porn sites, and I am not a liar.  My comments weren't smears, and the "allegations" weren't mine to start with.  Ron Gunzberger and John Gorenfeld wrote the article I quoted.  

    It was a big day for you. Your mom would be proud. Keep drinking your kool-ade while the rest of us address some of the real issues facing this county.
    Now there's some "intelligent political discourse"!!!  </sarcasm>

    Note to Rep. Conyers: Thank you for passing along the information to us. The unfiltered contributions by you and your collegues is a valuable resource to those of us realize the mainstream media is purely a business out to maximize profits at the expense of accurate and relavent reporting. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. A thousand times Thank you.
    At least we can agree on that passage.

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