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    kyril, glorificus

    He's turned out to be a manipulative jerk, has betrayed the team in multiple ways, knowingly enslaved a sentient AI, and has become another sycophant to Cyclops in his little attempt at nation-building.

    Oh, and he's not in a wheelchair anymore... hasn't been for years now.  So he's not even a good example of a disabled character in the media anymore to boot.

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      I wrote this a while ago, and it's been quite some time since I've had experience with the X-Men.  I had no idea he was cured -- how inspirational!

      I do believe that in general, though, my assertions still stand.

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        The popular image of Xavier is in a wheelchair, so it's still accurate.  Besides, you're right about the general portrayal of the disabled in the media, and I admit I hadn't thought about it much until your article here.  The examples cited by other posters (the girl from Diff'rent Strokes and Barbara Gordon, who is also no longer an example) are the only exceptions I can think of as well.

        In any case, I wouldn't take Xavier being cured as a source of inspiration.  Unfortunately, he goes in and out of a wheelchair more often than Jean Grey dies and gets reborn.

        •  really? (0+ / 0-)

          What's the plot behind him going in and out of a chair?

          •  Oh, so, so many (0+ / 0-)

            Xavier originally lost the use of his legs in battle with an alien named Lucifer (before forming the X-Men).  Years later, the X-Men battled an alien race called the Brood (think Xenomorphs from Alien only nastier), and Xavier was implanted with a queen egg and turned into a Brood queen.  The Shi'ar cloned his body and transferred his consciousness to the new body that had functioning legs.  For years he was in and out of the wheelchair as he had developed a psychosomatic pain in his legs even though they should function normally.  Eventually he was able to walk normally.  

            Years later, the Shadow King possesses everybody on Muir Island.  During the battle with the Shadow King, Xavier's spine is shattered and he once again can't walk.  This is just in time for a new series in 1991 roughly coinciding with the original X-Men animated series airing on TV. (ahem)  At some point he's temporarily able to walk again because of briefly being infected with a technoorganic virus, but that wears off.

            Years later, the X-Men meet a nice mutant named Xorn who "heals" Xavier.  Turns out Xorn is Magneto (sort of, but not really), and has infected Xavier with nanites that he's using his magnetic powers to control.  When it's time to make his move, Magneto destroys the nanites and Xavier can't walk again.

            Finally, during the "House of M" series where the Scarlet Witch goes insane, creates an alternate reality, then restores it but with 90% of all mutants depowered, Xavier's ability to walk is restored but he loses his telepathy.  Eventually, his telepathy gets restored.

            So far, he's been walking again in the comics since 2006.  He was shot in the head and was in a coma for a while, but they managed to bring him back without putting him back in the chair again.  At this point it would just seem contrived.

            So that would be in (Lucifer) - out (clone body) - in (psychosomatic) - out (finally healing) - in (Shadow King) - out (T-O virus) - in (wears off) - out (Xorn) - in (Xorneto) - out (HoM).  In 5 times, out 6.

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